It's not unusual for a musician to criticise an album or song a few years after its been released - but slamming it a week before release is entering unknown territory.

Deadmau5, the EDM superstar who performs encased in a plastic mouse head, has slammed his upcoming album in an extended Twitter rant.

"i don't even like it. it was like... so f**king rushed / slapped together. but i mean... hey, if you like it i wanna like it too, just dont," the Canadian performer wrote in response to fan comments.

W:/2016ALBUM/, Deadmau5's eighth album, is set for release on December 2, but don't expect the star to do much promotion, telling fans that at least they don't have to deal with him constantly promoting his work.


Asked why he bothered releasing it, the producer replied "CAUSE I GOT F**KIN MAD BILLS".

He posted two minutes after that that it was perhaps time he worked on "this 'album I like' thing ive been wanting to do for the past 10 years".

Deadmau5, otherwise known as Joel Zimmerman, released his first album in 2005 before breaking out in 2009 when For Lack of a Better Name peaked at Number 11 on the US dance charts. He has been nominated for six Grammy awards.