In the several years since his making his mark in the arena of televised talent contests, Simon Cowell has gained a reputation for being frank and to the point.

And the mogul, 57, stayed true to form on Saturday, when he barked at a crew member for not giving him any close-ups during a live broadcast of The X Factor, the Daily Mail reports.
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As he gave Ryan Lawrie his thoughts on the singing hopeful's performance, the father-of-one snapped when he realised his face wasn't up on the big screen.

"Why aren't I in the close-ups by the way?" he asked the crew. "I should be on that screen. I should be in the close-ups thank you very much."


The issue was soon smoothed over when the star's face was beamed onto the screen on the big stage, leaving him free to continue with his critique.

However, social media-savvy viewers quickly took to Twitter in droves to mock Simon "vain" moment.