Aussie radio host Merrick Watts certainly has a way with words.

The Triple M host and comedian may have taken a joke about Madonna a step too far during an appearance on the Today Show's Mixed Grill segment this morning.

The panel of himself, host Sylvia Jeffreys, and media commentator Rachel Corbett was discussing Madonna's "wrinkly hands" when he compared the 58-year-old pop star to a stroke victim.

After they referred to pictures of her at the Conor McGregor UFC fight in New York last weekend, Merrick said: "I think she's one of Hollywood's most attractive stroke victims."


Sylvia was visibly shocked, covering the moment by scolding him. "Merrick! This is why I went to Rachel first."

Merrick then quickly tried to backtrack by highlighting Madonna's successes.

"Look, it doesn't really matter, she's so famous, she's so successful and she's done everything in her own right, she's always carved her own path, of course people are going to criticise her," he said. "It's usually women who are attacking."

It seemed like the controversial commentary was over - but shortly afterwards, Merrick couldn't resist taking another dig.

"She could get a hand lift though," he joked. "She's had a face lift - get a hand lift!"

He added: "Look, those rings are actually holding the wrinkles up."

Sylvia giggled nervously before pointing out her own imperfections.

"I think it's the rings that are squishing the fingers together," she explained. "And by the way, my hands are not very pretty."