Amber Heard has used a rare red carpet appearance to speak up for victims of sexual abuse.

At Glamour's Women of the Year awards in LA, the 30-year-old actress read words written by 'Emily Doe' - an unnamed American woman who was infamously sexually assaulted by university student Brock Turner.

She was recognised as one of the Women of the Year, along with Gwen Stefani, Ashley Graham, Zendaya and the founders of the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

Heard, with fellow actresses Gabourey Sidibe and Freida Pinto, performed a reading of Doe's powerful court statement and essay, which was shared around the world.


In the emotional piece, Doe wrote: "I am here. I am not that floppy thing you found behind the garbage, speaking melted words. I am here, I can stand upright, I can speak clearly, I've been listening and am painfully aware of all the hurt you've been trying to justify."

The appearance was a rare moment in the spotlight for Heard, who has been laying low since her very public breakup with Johnny Depp.

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Earlier this year, Heard successfully obtained a domestic violence restraining order against her then-husband, just days after filing for divorce.

Despite all signs pointing to an explosive court showdown, the former couple - who were married for 15 months with no prenup - managed to reach a settlement at the last minute.

The judge eventually dismissed the domestic violence case against Depp, and Heard donated the entire $US7 million settlement to charities supporting women against violence and sick children.