As the election rages on in America, one group of musicians took to the streets to both lighten the mood and hit back at Donald Trump.

A mariachi band turned up at Trump Tower and just started playing.

They were later headed off by police because they were blocking the footpath, but simply continued to play even as they moved on.

Horacio Coutino, a Mexican immigrant, claimed responsibility on Twitter for the stunt, saying he and mariachi band Mariachi Sol Mixteco were the mariachis filmed.


The impromptu performance is in direct response to Trump's anti-Mexican remarks made throughout his campaign, in which he has called Mexican immigrants "rapists", "criminals" and "drug dealers", and proposed to build a wall to keep them from crossing into America.

Those following the performance on social media were quick to applaud the band's efforts, adding quips about whether there were taco trucks and a Trump piñata there as well.

But most importantly, they thanked the band for lightening up this election day, using the hashtag #MakeAmericaFunAgain.