There are some things it's okay to ask on a first date. Questioning whether you've had penis enlargement surgery in Thailand is probably not one of them.

That's the question one singleton faced when he appeared on First Dates NZ, the Kiwi reality show which pairs up people who have been unlucky in love.

Martin, a personal trainer, was getting on pretty well with his date Emma, 36, when their conversation took a turn for the worse.

"I went to Thailand by myself. I went for surgery," Martin admitted during dinner, before getting embarrassed about the conversation.


"I'm going to need another drink for this," he said, calling for the waiter.

Emma started guessing what the surgery might have been for: "You're making me think it's penis enlargement now ... if you need another drink."

Martin quickly owned up that he'd eight "tummy tuck" surgeries after deciding he wanted to lose weight.

He later admitted being asked about penis enlargement was his "most awkward" moment during their date.

The pair agreed their were better off as friends, and decided it wasn't going to work out.

That wasn't the only awkward moment during last night's episode.

When Matthew, 18, told his date Sarah, 19, he had an identical twin, her response was: "How old is he?"

However, the pair hit it off better than Martin and Emma, and left their date to grab another drink together.

* First Dates NZ screens on TVNZ 2 on Monday nights.