"Looks like the real estate agent forgot to put on the wide angle lens when taking the photo of this hallway in the other direction," observes a reader.

Pranked by Dad

A Reddit user writes: "We're from the UK but now live in the US, and when I was really young and saw my dad on weekends, he used to go over a hundred miles an hour with me egging him on all the way. Always at the end as he pulled up to my mum's he'd tap his nose and say, 'don't tell your mum'. Of course the first thing I did was tell her! And she'd just tut, shake her head and tell me to shout at him next time. Looking back I thought it was weird nobody really cared. Turned out his car was European and the speedometer was in kilometres."

Broken window an utter pane

"I think someone put a pox on me," writes a reader. "A basketball went through a window at my place last week and I decided to try and fix it myself. I mean, how hard could it be, right? I measured the window and bought the piece of glass. Wrong size. Bugger. So back I go and carefully measure the window and write down the measurements on my notebook. The glass place adds 15mm, as is their practice but I'd already thought of that, so this pane was too big. Got a glass cutter to trim it down, but fitting the glass I cracked it. Covered the crack with gaffer tape, put a few taps in to hold the glass in place and looked at it for a week and sulked. I mustered the enthusiasm to get another piece of glass. I was certain of the measurements but as I was placing it carefully in the boot a friend drove past and tooted and the bloody thing slipped from my hands ... I went home and called the glazier."

Pill-popping record-breaker

One of the old Guinness Book Of World Records is for "most pills swallowed". From the late 1970s to the 1990s it consistently awarded this to one C.H.A. Kilner of Malawi, who apparently took A LOT of pills following the removal of his pancreas in 1967. According to Weird Universe, the number of pills taken by Kilner progressively increased over time. The 1978 edition of Guinness put it at 280,131 pills. A year later it had reached 311,136. By 1981 it was 359,061. And Kilner finally stopped taking pills on June 19, 1988, having reached a total of 565,939 pills. Later reports did the maths and figured out that this worked out to 73 pills a day, and that "if all the pills he had taken were laid out end to end they would form an unbroken line 3.3km long".


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