Things got a little awkward when Alex Perry was brutally roasted on radio this morning.

The Aussie fashion designer agreed to let KIIS FM's Kyle and Jackie O post his photo on Reddit's Roast Me page, allowing people from around the world to respond to the picture with abusive comments.

"Bring it on sweetheart," the Australia's Next Top Model judge said as he joined the radio hosts in the studio to hear the results.

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Jackie O read out the first comment: "If Vin Diesel had sex with Drake on a gravel driveway this is what you'd get."

"Yeah, great," Perry snapped.

They also attacked his age and physique, writing things like "if you dressed your age you'd be wearing a coffin", "keep working out, one day your body will proportionate to your giant head" and "wearing a vacuum sealed shirt doesn't actually preserve your age."

The photo that Kyle and Jackie O posted of Alex Perry on Reddit.Source:Reddit
The photo that Kyle and Jackie O posted of Alex Perry on Reddit.Source:Reddit

To which Perry responded: "I think this comes from people who have probably never seen the interior of a gym and have a real commitment to Krispy Kremes."

But the hits kept coming.

"When your nose is bigger than your arms," another roaster wrote.

"I think that's unfair," Perry said.

"Your scalp looks like beef jerky," a Reddit user wrote.

"Nah it's pretty smooth," Perry responded, "There's plenty of Botox in there to make sure that it doesn't look like beef jerky."

With the interview descending into cringe-worthy territory, Kyle chimed in.

"Alex, you said you would be able to handle it...I'm feeling that you're not handling it," the radio host said.

"I'm handling it," Perry insisted, "I was expecting it to be worse".

Jackie O ploughed on by reading out another comment.

"Wrong Said Fred. You're old enough to get that reference."

"You know what? I like taking the p**s out of people and I like it when it's a little bit funny," Perry said in response.

"You don't think they were funny?" Jackie O asked.

"Well no, not really," he said.

And with that, Kyle and Jackie O swiftly changed the much safer subject of Australia's Next Top Model.