Is it Greek? French? German? Italian? Russian? Is there a hint of Australian in there?

Or is it all of these accents rolled into one tongue-twisting dialect?

Lohan was giving an interview in Greece when she debuted the accent, which she called "Lilohan" in a since-deleted tweet.

Lohan was giving the interview about her new nightclub in Athens called Lohan, which she and her rumoured beau Dennis Papageorgiou opened recently.


Fans who saw the interview took to social media, calling it "weird".

Papageorgiou, a restaurant and bar owner, is known as the guy who she claims "saved her" from her ex Egor Tarabasov when he stepped in to break up a fight between them.

A source recently said: "Lindsay initially met Dennis at her 30th birthday party on Mykonos, but she only had eyes for Egor at that point.

"But Egor showed his true colours in a series of blazing rows, and Dennis did too with how he stepped in to help. Lindsay says they are very serious and she's been referring to him as the man who saved her from Egor."

Dennis is said to have dumped his long-term model girlfriend Noelle Koutra to be with Lohan.