The good Samaritan who won hearts across Australia after interrupting Channel Nine's live racing coverage on Melbourne Cup day to announce she'd found a lost wallet has resurfaced this morning on the Today show.

Shae Miller, an office manager in Brisbane, left veteran journalist Phil Willmington stunned yesterday when she walked into his live cross from the Eagle Farm racecourse and demanded he help her track down the owner of the wallet and its contents - a whole three dollars.

Miller appeared sheepish in front of Today co-hosts Karl Stefanovic and Lisa Wilkinson this morning, but could clearly see the funny side.

"Can you just run us through what happened there, Shae?" asked Stefanovic.


"I just - I think I was more shocked that he [Willmington] wasn't prepared to help me find the owner there," she explained.

"I wasn't expecting a no!"

She added that in her inebriated state, she hadn't even realised the reporter was doing a live broadcast.

"The camera and microphone weren't a give away?" Wilkinson asked, unable to contain her laughter.

"I didn't really look around ... obviously I should have," Miller replied awkwardly.

"Do you have any family members who saw it that were a little concerned with how you are?" Stefanovic asked.

Shae Miller appeared to have escaped a hangover on Today this morning. PPhoto / Channel 9
Shae Miller appeared to have escaped a hangover on Today this morning. PPhoto / Channel 9

"Way too many family members saw it," she replied.

"But I think mum's proud, no matter what."

In the cold light of day, Miller had evidently realised there may have been a more sensible course of action, but as she laughed with the hosts - "hindsight is 20/20."

"It [the wallet] didn't have a licence or a bank card in there, so we just handed it into security on the way out," she said.

"Which in hindsight I should have done to start with."

9News reporter Phil Willmington was giving a live report from Eagle Farm after the race when a Miller, who appeared a little worse for wear, approached him.

"Channel Nine, I think you need to know somebody has lost three dollars," she said, brandishing a wallet. "Can you give that to the rightful owner?"

Anyone lose their wallet? #9News |

Posted by 9 News Queensland on Monday, 31 October 2016

"It's important, how dare you! Channel nine, you need to know," she said, firing up at Willmington when he told her to give it to security.

Willmington looked on in amazement as friends dragged her off camera.

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