"Grammar nazis in full effect," writes David. "Love that it's in white pen - my assumption is that the person who did this actually went to Paper Plus across the road just to buy a white pen to 'correct' the poster!"

Worms farming

A species of worm in the northeast Atlantic has been observed farming. They plant grass seeds in their burrows and feed on the sprouts when they start growing. Ragworms (Hediste diversicolor) were thought to consume the seeds of cordgrass, an abundant plant in the coastal habitats where they live. But the seeds have a tough husk, so it was a mystery how the worms could access the edible interior. Zhenchang Zhu at the Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research in Yerseke and his team have now discovered the worms' surprising trick.

Loyalty card blues

A reader writes: "Air NZ and Fly Buys have a bust up. I now have five cards instead of two. Airpoints, Fly Buys, AA, Countdown, New World - too many choices and not enough room in the phone wallet! I have to decide what gives me airpoints and don't remember which box I ticked in that email. Then I find an ex-partner left my Countdown group and took a bunch of points with him. I ring them up as I feel it's a bit stink: 56 calls in the queue. It's not just me, then?"

Treasure in toy box

One of Britain's rarest coins will go under the hammer in November after being discovered in a little boy's toy box. The Queen Anne 'Vigo' five guinea gold coin will be put up for sale at Boningtons saleroom in Essex. The auctioneers have put an estimate of 200,000 to 250,000 ($340,000-$425,000) on the find.


Reptilian faux pas

The RSPCA were called out to urgently rescue a tortoise in a garden in Sheffield. Only after a animal welfare officer arrived did they realise the tortoise was a garden ornament, made out of stone.

Inappropriate clothing bin raiders

A reader writes: "What kind of weird bubble of privilege are you living in (and raising your daughters in) where a Dress-up Hard-up party is appropriate/funny? Do you all stand around in your faux rags laughing at the hilarity of not being able to afford good clothing? What a laugh."