No stranger to a little body modification, Khloe's latest desire is just a bit more cleavage.

Not if older sister Kim has anything to say about it though.

Khloe Kardashian showing Kim her assets. Photo / Keeping Up With The Kardashians
Khloe Kardashian showing Kim her assets. Photo / Keeping Up With The Kardashians

In an upcoming episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kim warns Khloe that having large breasts "really is a tougher way to live".

The 32-year-old reality star stuffs her bra with breast implants and squeals to Kim, "Look at that, that's amazing!"


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"Oh my god, I'm finally you!" Khloe says.

"That's all you've ever wanted, is cleavage," Kim replies.

Kim tries to deter Khloe from getting the breast implants by forcing her sister to exercise with them but all it seems to do is make Khloe fall more in love with the idea of a bigger bust.

"I love those girls at the gym that just got big ol' boobs, and I never really have that so I'm diggin' this whole cleavage in a sports bra thing," Khloe says.


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Khloe also posted a series of photos on her website for Kim's 36th birthday on Friday.

In one of the photos she gushes about how much she loves her sister's boobs.

Despite all the effort Kim puts in to deter Khloe from considering breast implants, Khloe finishes by saying, "I don't think it hurts to go get a consultation go see what my options are".

"I mean, we're in LA. I feel like people go get their boobs done, just like they fill up a car with gas."

Sounds like Khloe is well on her way to becoming a little more well-endowed.