Big claims being made at the new Lebanese place in Glen Innes. So if you are concerned this restaurant will be full paleo, don't panic. Apparently Jesus was an open-minded guy when it came to food and told a gathering of followers that, "whatever goes into a person from outside cannot defile him, since it enters not his heart but his stomach, and is expelled?" Sweet! (Via Spooky D & the Boos @dimsie on Twitter and Mark 17:18-19)

Secret to finding love

Q: Do you have any insights as to how one finds love? Tim Urban from answers: "Say two people want to find the love of their life, Person A and Person B. Person A never goes on dates, opting instead to sit alone debating in her head about who the exact kind of person is she will fall in love with. She scours online profiles, but never contacts anyone. Instead, her plan is to wait until she comes across the profile so perfect for her that she'll know she's found The One. Then and only then will she reach out to that person for a date. Person B goes on a lot of dates, constantly meeting new people and keeping an open mind, because she knows she probably doesn't know either herself or the type of match that makes sense for her as well as she thinks she does. Who's more likely to find love?"

Missing Marilyn

Some reprobates came on to Maria Ross' Farm Cove property and stole her 1.8m tall, heavy-as Marilyn statue. "Social media has been amazing and there is no one that will not recognise her in the east region. Just need to get her around the whole of NZ. She is a very popular girl in our street. People used to stop and have pics with her."

Did you know that ...



Hedgehog's Dilemma describes hedgehogs' inability to cuddle for warmth due to their spikes, saying it is a metaphor for the challenges of human intimacy.

2. Despite the stereotype of a very short life, with proper care an average goldfish can live up to 10 years as pets, and more than 25 years in the wild. The longest recorded lifespan for a goldfish was 43 years.

3. "Sudden wealth syndrome" is common after winning money. People end up having an identity crisis while also dealing with the resulting loneliness - friends can begin to act more distantly (or, conversely, more cosily) and the newly minted tend to look for new friends who can have the same freedoms as they do.

Real estate semantics

"I live in the heart of Mt Wellington and was very amused to see that a house for sale just around the corner was described as 'Ellerslie fringe'," writes Jenny. "I assumed that if it didn't sell quickly it could be re-designated as 'outer Remuera'."

Map goodness: The autocomplete function can reveal underlying stereotypes about an area, based on what people search about it. Here's a map detailing what the search revealed about each country - which is mostly either hot, poor or violent... (hint: ours is not about LOTR, but that other thing we are known for...)

Video: Actor Yul Brynner was famous for playing the lead in the musical The King and I. He died of lung cancer in 1985. After his death, he had a commercial aired: 'Now that I'm gone, I tell you: 'Don't smoke, whatever you do, just don't smoke.'...

Video: Criminal mastermind tries to steal a Venetian blind...

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