Michael McIntyre is a jolly English comedian, actor and TV presenter and in 2012, he was reported to be the highest-grossing comedian in the world.

He's in the country right this second and is performing at a sold out Vector Arena tonight. So why in the world is he so popular?

Maybe a quick look at his famously funny moments will paint a clearer picture.

Remember this?


When he got real about having kids

This video has had more than 10 million YouTube views, so he's obviously tickling people's funny bones.

"Arms up, arms up, arms in, arms in, arms up - and that's just my wife, she's so tired she can't dress herself," he quips.

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When he straight-up mocked the royal family

It's a classic!

When he perfectly summed up everyone's use of Google Earth

"Where shall I go? MY HOUSE."

When he took the piss out of himself for being extremely middle class

He quips: "The best thing about being here at Wembley is it's my local gig. I can go home at night. I can go home. I can go home and see my family. See my boys, Lucas and Oscar. Quite middle class, let's not lie about that. When I got to the park and I call 'Lucas!' about three boys will normally go, 'Yes Daddy?' 'Papa?' 'Father, you called?'"

When he shared his thoughts about department stores

"They seem to have every product they sell on their face." It's so true!

When he summed up the depressing reality of adulthood

Sad, but true. If you're lucky enough to have a ticket for tonight's sold out show - enjoy.


And don't get stuck in the revolving doors on your way out.