Ilona was in a New Plymouth toy shop and saw this promoting a small plastic sheep toy of the same name. "My 8-year-old read it out loud and now thinks this is a good name for a sheep. Suddenly I am dreading calf and lamb day at school."

Being nice sometimes wins

"I was going to a conference in Las Vegas ... hotel rooms were scarce, but I had made my reservations far in advance," June Fletcher writes on "I got to the hotel after midnight after a long flight, and had just unpacked when the door opened. A weary-eyed man glared at me and showed me his room assignment. Same as mine. We had been double-booked by accident. The man got on the room phone and started screaming at the assistant manager, demanding that he be given the room. The intruder then gave the phone to me, and the manager asked if I minded being moved. I did, of course, but given the white-hot rage of my accidental roommate, I said gently, "I understand. These things happen ... " I repacked and soon the manager arrived, full of apologies, and took my bag ... He then took me to one of the hotel's biggest suites - four bedrooms, a kitchen stocked with liquor and fruit, and a killer view of Vegas. It was worthy of Sinatra or Elvis, and it was all mine for the week-long stay, at the same price as the standard room I booked. I was dazzled. When I asked the manager why I was being given such a glorious upgrade, he explained that it was the only room left in the hotel. He had to make a quick decision as to who would get it, "and lady", he said, "you were the nice one". Read more here.

Tough guys bleed for show

Nothing shows you're a tough guy than a bleeding wound on the side of your face. To Germans in the late 19th century, getting cut up was on trend, so young men actively tried to get a scar. Cutting yourself didn't count, so schoolboys regularly challenged each other to duels. Although the man or boy put on a fencing mask to protect his eyes and throat, he deliberately left the rest of his face open and tried to let his opponent get a couple of cuts in. Afterward, the man scarred up his own wound to make sure that it left the biggest gash possible.



YouTube has made science way more popular because it allows for videos like this to be made. Here's what happens when of

... (the carnage is as you'd expect, but the journey is mesmerising)...

Video: An incredible animated short about a sheriff haunted by memories of a tragic mistake he made as a young man...

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