Kiwi actress Kate Elliott decided to ditch the fuss of a traditional wedding and instead eloped to Los Angeles.

The soon-to-be star of Jean - an upcoming film about Kiwi legend Jean Batten - told the Woman's Day she and her now husband David Benge simply thought an elopement "sounded like fun, like an adventure".

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They invited just eight close friends to the wedding, at which David's brother played an omnichord and his best friend acted as celebrant.


"I didn't want to have a big wedding and I love to get out of New Zealand as much as possible," Elliott said.

"So we were like, 'Why don't we go and elope in Los Angeles and have a honeymoon too?'"

"It was low-key, low-stress, but I think it was the most possible fun you could have in two days."

The pair connected three years ago at a New York film festival where Elliott was showing her film Fresh Meat, and it took just five days before Elliott was "madly in love".

Now, they've blended their families with Elliott's daughter, 7-year-old Dee Dee, and Benge's daughter, 4-year-old Hunter, getting on famously.