Kesha fears that her former producer Dr. Luke will release her confidential medical records, according to the newest instalment of the pair's never-ending legal battle.

The singer headed back to New York court on Monday, accusing Dr. Luke of refusing to keep medical records from her gynaecologist and her stint in rehab confidential, and believes that he will send the information to media outlets.

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She headed to court to plead with a judge to order Dr. Luke, whose real name is Lukasz Gottwald, to not publicise the private documents, according to court documents obtained by


Kesha explains that the court ordered her to hand over her most sensitive medical records to the music producer as part of their ongoing legal battle.

The order stated that Kesha had to hand over more than 900 pages of documents including her gynaecologic, psychiatric and rehabilitation records from the last ten years.

This case is the latest in an ongoing legal battle between Kesha and Dr Luke. Photo / Supplied
This case is the latest in an ongoing legal battle between Kesha and Dr Luke. Photo / Supplied

In new court documents, Kesha proposed a standard protective order for Sony and Dr. Luke to sign that would allow her to designate her medical records as confidential, which would ban them from being released to the media.

She explains, however, that while Sony had no issue with the protective order, Dr. Luke refused to sign it.

He allegedly has claimed a right to use her medical records - including with the public and media - without condition and said the singer has waived all her rights to the confidentiality of the documents.

Kesha claims that Dr. Luke is only refusing to sign the document in an attempt to embarrass her and impose more legal costs on her in the case.

She says that the only purpose of publishing her personal medical records would be to humiliate her and discourage her from asserting rights in court based on fear that her most private records could become public.

The singer notes that New York courts have routinely held a stance that medical information should remain confidential, even if some of the information is deemed discoverable during litigation.

In August, Kesha dismissed a California lawsuit in which she accused Dr. Luke of sexually and emotionally abusing her.

Producer Dr. Luke has highly sensitive information about Kesha which he could release to the public. Photo / Getty Images
Producer Dr. Luke has highly sensitive information about Kesha which he could release to the public. Photo / Getty Images

At the time, her attorney, Daniel Petrocelli, said the dismissal was filed so she can focus her legal efforts in New York, in which she alleged that Dr. Luke frequently ridiculed her for nearly a decade and at one point drugged and raped her.

Dr. Luke has denied Kesha's allegations and accused her of suing to try to obtain a better recording deal.

Petrocelli said Kesha has delivered 28 new songs to Dr. Luke's record label and Sony Music Entertainment and hopes new singles and albums will be released soon.

'We have conveyed to Sony and the label Kesha's strong desire to release her next album and single as soon as possible,' Petrocelli wrote in a statement.

Kesha is appealing two rulings in New York that prevented her from breaking her contract with Dr. Luke's label, and that dismissed her claims of sexual and emotional abuse.

The April ruling by Manhattan state Supreme Court Justice Shirley Werner Kornreich stated that Kesha's rape and abuse allegations couldn't move forward because the alleged incidents happened outside New York and fell outside the statute of limitations.

Kesha's career has been in limbo since she first sued Dr. Luke in October 2014, alleging his abuse caused her to develop a severe eating disorder that required her to enter rehab.

In May she delivered a standout performance of Bob Dylan's It Ain't Me, Babe at the Billboard Music Awards, but was only permitted to do so after Dr. Luke's label withdrew objections to her appearance because they feared she would use it as a platform to attack the producer.

Dr. Luke has never been charged with any crime and has vehemently denied he abused the singer.