Who doesn't love a list that claims to be definitive, but which has clearly put together by an arbitrary set of people who've based it on their own tastes and opinions?

This week the good people of Reddit have been offering their suggestions of the funniest films they've ever seen.

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Among them, a Kiwi favourite by the one and only Taika Waititi who is doing phenomenal things in the filming industry here and overseas. Including directing the new Thor film.


Below is a run-down of the current top 10, based on votes from Redditors.

Do any of your favourites make the list?

10. Hot Rod

9. Blazing Saddles

Blazing Saddles

: the making of Gene Wilder's politically incorrect, flatulent comedy classic

8. The Other Guys

If you're hungry for a scorching evisceration of corporate greed and hedge-fund avarice, the film you really need to see is The Other Guys, says Sukhdev Sandhu

7. Kung Pow

6. What We Do In The Shadows

This vampire 'mockumentary' from New Zealand is an utter, Twilight-mocking treat, says Tim Robey

5. Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Monty Python interview: 'We were censored by the BBC'

4. 21 Jump Street

21 Jump Street

is a surprisingly perceptive, guffaw-inducingly funny high school comedy, says

3. Airplane!

The really great thing about Airplane! is that the jokes undercut your expectations so deftly, says Martin Chilton

2. Hot Fuzz

Hot Fuzz

could easily have been trimmed by 20 minutes, says

, but it's a funny and affectionate tribute to British uncool and a homage to the best of the Hollywood action genre.

1. Super Troopers