Pathological hair control

Sometimes it's the smallest details that reveal the measure of the man. Long-time Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter wrote about his 30 years covering Donald Trump. The two have a rich history of antagonism. One particular story was about Trump's fussiness about his hair.

"In the early '90s, we photographed Trump and his soon-to-be wife, Marla, in Palm Beach. At one point, Marina Schiano, our style director, decided that the Loro Piana cashmere sweater she had given Trump to wear wasn't right and asked him to take it off. Trump refused to pull it up over his head, not wanting to muss his confection of hair. So one of the assistants on the shoot had to get scissors and cut the sweater up the back." (Read full column here)

Pet insurer says dog can't be a dog

Canadian Jamie Richardson was more than a little peeved that her dog Muddy's injury wasn't covered by her pet insurance. While running in the woods near Whitehorse, Muddy tore a ligament in a hind leg. A vet told Richardson that's a common injury in Yukon, where dogs can get their paws caught in a rabbit or fox hole, and twist their knees. But when Richardson filed a claim to get reimbursed 80 per cent of her $4200 vet costs, Canada's largest pet health insurance provider denied her claim. Petsecure pointed to a clause in her policy denying coverage if a dog is injured while "jumping, running, slipping, tripping or playing". "It takes away from him being a dog," says Richardson. "I think it defeats the principle of pet insurance."

(Source: CBC News)


Watch find

This ladies' gold Swiss watch (above) was handed in to the New Lynn police - it had been found at Lynnmall. Looks as though it might have been a wedding anniversary present? It has the following inscription on the back: "Mum 1921 - 1971 Clive". Please contact Warren Strand at New Lynn police.

This too shall pass

A reader writes: "At a recent Buddhist retreat I meet a young (and aspiring) hippy with a brand new tattoo that read: 'This will also pass'. Without thinking I asked, 'shouldn't that say, this too shall pass?', to which he sheepishly replied yes."

Casual sexism of truck ad genre

TV3's Funny Girls explain why there aren't more women in truck ads...

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