Ellen has been getting a bit of heat recently for having Miley Cyrus host her show when she fell ill last week.

In an interview with Bethenny, DeGeneres said "you know I like Miley, she's somebody who's been on the show for a while now and I think she's going to continue to grow up and change and this is who she is right now as a 20 year old girl."

"She's been in this business since she was very young and has had tons of attention since she was very young, she knows nothing other than this and I think it's really easy to sit back and judge somebody who is doing what she's doing. "

"You can love her or hate her right now and it doesn't mean that's who she is forever, it's just who she is right now."


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"I understand her performance was provocative for the MTV Music Awards but I mean Madonna was rolling around in a wedding dress singing Like A Virgin you know.

"What I like about Miley is that she is honest and there are not a lot of people in the business that you can sit down and look at them during an interview and know they are being authentic and honest and true to themselves."

"Plus she has a great voice. She can sing, she's talented. You know, give the girl a break. She's 20 years old. Yeah, she's polarising but I don't shy away from that, I think that's good television."

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YouTube comments are in favour of both Ellen and Miley:

Rich Santana says "Be yourself! You don't have to like it, move on. Good job Miley for being yourself!"

"I love Ellen more now!!!" says GeorgiaLav World.

Senuri Jayawardena says "words can't express how much I appreciate Ellen's honest and passionate answer when everybody else is judging her."