Emily Blunt's daughter was left upset after she saw the trailer for The Girl on the Train.

The 33-year-old actress stars as the troubled alcoholic protagonist in the upcoming mystery thriller and Emily revealed Hazel, two, was upset after she accidentally saw part of the trailer on TV while out with her nanny.

Emily told the New York Daily News: "When I came home from work, she said, 'I don't want to see mummy on the screen anymore'. I was like, 'Oh, great, that's it for acting!'

"I just explained there's sometimes there's 'screen mummy' and sometimes there's 'real mummy.' But how do you explain this job when it's so bizarre?"


However, Emily - who welcomed her second child Violet with husband John Krasinski in July - is also working on some child-friendly movies, including the upcoming Mary Poppins remake.

She said: "Well, my girls can't see [The Girl on the Train] , can they?

"So I have to do a couple they can see. When I, hopefully, proved I'm not an unfit mother.

"I would have done Mary Poppins whether I had children or not, but the fact that I have girls makes it such a gift."

Meanwhile, Emily found it "liberating" to look less than perfect in The Girl on the Train.

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She said: "It was utterly liberating. Very often in films, the thing that will make you feel self-conscious as a woman is sometimes, if we're supposed to be playing a tough cop or something like that, yet you are still supposed to look pretty.

"It's something quite freeing when you're supposed to look like a wreck, when that overhead green lighting on the train is supposed to look awful on you."

- Bang! Showbiz