The 2016 Apra Silver Scroll Awards are presented this evening down at Auckland's Vector Arena.

The most exciting bits of the ceremony - aside from finding out who wins, of course - are the live performances.

Rather than opting for something safe and predictable Apra asks other musicians or bands to reinterpret the nominated songs.

These mashups often pass into legend - Home Brew covering Unknown Mortal Orchestra anyone? - and who's going to be covering who has always been a closely guarded secret.


Until now!

TimeOut is incredibly excited to spill the beans. There are still one or two surprises up Apra's songwriterly sleeves but for the first time you'll know what to expect if you're heading along this evening.

• Courtney Hate covers Street Chant's Pedestrian Support League
• Soccer Practise covers Moana & The Moa Hunters Tahi
• Nadia Reid with Sam Taylor cover Lydia Cole's Dream
• Jocee Tucker covers Tami Neilson's The First Man
• Anna Coddington & SJD will cover the Maioha award winner
• Oystercatcher covers Phoenix Foundation's Give Up Your Dream
• Yoko Zuna covers Thomas Oliver's If I Move to Mars
The Hard Questions
TimeOut asked SJD, the Silver Scrolls' musical director, the hard questions.

What does the director of music actually do?
My job seems to be thinking of great cover artists, or interesting combos, to bash out versions of our finalists' choones in a way that'd make for an enjoyable show. Then rounding 'em up and making sure they have what they need. I haven't had to be too prescriptive; everyone's been overflowing with good ideas.

What's the big difference between the Apra Silver Scrolls and the New Zealand Music awards?
Sometimes they overlap, but the Scrolls has always been more about integrity and ability versus the numbers/popularity game that is the VNZMAs. There's always somebody weird and interesting in the Scrolls.

As a musician, what do the Scrolls mean to you?
Two things. Firstly, they're a celebration of the "songwriter" - letting them have all the attention for a night. It's an art/skill that still needs to be recognised in our world of ubiquitous muzak and endless free lunches for "content-providing" corporate types. Secondly, they're a great nosh-up/knees-up/piss-up and chance to hang with your musical mates.

Who is your pick to take home the glory on the night?
I shall be taking home ALL the glory!