Brangelina is no more. And love, as we know it, has died.

As TMZ broke the news Tuesday morning that one of Hollywood's favourite couples, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, are divorcing after two years of marriage, the hearts of fans around the world broke.

The collective shattering of hearts could be heard on social media as faith in love began to crumble. Some users even declared there's "no hope for the rest of us" - heavy.

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Of course, the Jen Aniston gifs and memes quickly flooded the internet, and 'Jennifer Aniston Meme Day' was born.

(Given Brad and Jen have been divorced since 2005, we're more inclined to agree with this guy - but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy the gifs.)

Some Twitter users blamed 2016 for everything, while others pointed out that sadly, we can no longer just be #TeamBrangelina, we have to pick sides. The hashtag #Brexpitt was even created.

Here are some of the most heartbroken - and hilarious - responses.