A defiant Nadine Chalmers-Ross says her television career isn't over after a tearful farewell from TVNZ's Breakfast.

Chalmers-Ross departed Breakfast today, the final change being made by TVNZ before Hilary Barry and Jack Tame take over on Monday.

At the end of the show, the presenter shed tears as she delivered a farewell speech packed full of emotion.

"I don't want to say too much because I will cry, a lot," she said. "The decision to leave was a hard one and a considered one, but a good one, I think. Careers have many acts, and I don't think the curtain has come down on mine just yet.


"The past 10 weeks hasn't always been easy ... I'm excited about the future, there's some really exciting things on the horizon. I'm really looking forward to a sleep-in and a holiday."

Chalmers-Ross's departure after eight years at the network follows that of newsreader Peter Williams and co-host Rawdon Christie last week.

The changes, which see Barry and Tame take over the new-look Breakfast show, are being made in the face of a ratings boost from competing morning news show Paul Henry on TV3.

Wearing all white, Chalmers-Ross was more bubbly than usual and seemed to be enjoying her last day. She loosened up and was happy to take part in a lip-reading game hosted by ZM radio DJs Jase and PJ.

With music blaring through headphones, Chalmers-Ross was asked to lip read simple statements like "Wellington motorway" made by the duo.

But things quickly went awry when Chalmers-Ross incorrectly guessed "pubic stripping," "hot nipples" and "Sam's hot abs" as the answers.

Chalmers-Ross nearly cracked at the start of the show when co-host TIm Wilson read viewers' tributes to her.

"Don't get me too worked up," she said. "I've got another hour and a half to get through."

Tributes and memories flowed from her co-stars. "I wish you every success," said newsreader Melissa Stokes. "You've always been so professional, so fantastic, I wish you all the best," said Corin Dann.

"Someone as gorgeous as you, someone as talented as you, you're all the things I'm not: concise, organised. You're going to fly far," said weather presenter Sam Wallace.

Chalmers-Ross replied to Wallace: "You're like a slightly inappropriate brother to me. I love you like a brother."

Tim Wilson and Nadine Chalmers-Ross on the Breakfast couch this morning. Nadine leaves today before Hilary Barry and Jack Tame take over on Monday.
Tim Wilson and Nadine Chalmers-Ross on the Breakfast couch this morning. Nadine leaves today before Hilary Barry and Jack Tame take over on Monday.

Tributes also flowed for Chalmers-Ross on social media.

"It was a shock to hear that you were leaving. You are a great presenter. TVNZ have made a huge error in regards to you and Rawdon," one said.

"I wish you all the best Nadine you will be missed and Thank you for helping start my day off in a fantastic way," said another.

Chalmers-Ross hasn't said what she'll be moving on to, but says she won't miss the 3am starts to her day.

Christie was farewelled last Friday with a series of compilation videos highlighting his 13 years at TVNZ, as well as a few pranks.

Source: TVNZ Breakfast

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Williams left last Wednesday, but he is staying at TVNZ as a weekend newsreader.

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Traffic reporter Selena Hawkins also leaves today, but is taking up a role as a producer on the show.

Christie has said he would "take a break and assess the new commercial opportunities in the fast-evolving media landscape".

Source: TVNZ

Chalmers-Ross said she was "excited about the opportunities on the horizon - and the prospect of turning off my 3am alarm".

Brodie Kane will be joining Tame and Barry at Breakfast as a sports reporter, and weather presenter Sam Wallace is staying put.