Broadcasters Mike Hosking and Bernadine Oliver-Kerby this morning laughingly rejected reports of a studio walkout by Oliver-Kerby yesterday, and suggested a rival media organisation sucked on lemons all day.

The pair spent their morning segment on Newstalk ZB to pull apart a report by Fairfax that Oliver-Kerby had taken offence at a Hosking joke and walked out of the studio yesterday morning.

NEWSTALK ZB: Listen to Mike Hosking, Bernadine Oliver-Kerby and Simon Doull's segment

Oliver-Kerby was reported to have left the studio after Hosking joked she wasn't needed.
"We don't need a woman, this is man's time... we're going to talk about the league," he said on-air.


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The pair spend around five minutes each morning with Radio Sport hosts Andrew Mulligan and Simon Doull to bring a lighter touch to issues of the day - and often rib each other.

"As our regular listeners know, the segment is often about point scoring," said Oliver-Kerby. "Those boys know I could have any one of them in headlock or a fireman's lift in a heartbeat. I find it hilarious."

This morning, Hosking began the segment by saying: "We must address the elephant in the room".

He then joked that Mulligan, who was absent, had been stood down. "He was starting to look like an elephant wasn't he?" whispered Doull.

"What is it at Fairfax that they do?" asked Hosking. "Do they surgically remove their sense of humour? Do you think they hand out lemons and suck on them all day?"

The pair, along with Doull, said Oliver-Kerby had not left the studio.

Oliver-Kerby added: "Nothing pleases us more than taking the proverbial out of each other." On some days, she said, Hosking had the upper hand "but most days I win it".

She acknowledged, however, that unlike Hosking, she knew nothing about "loafers, red wine or toy cars".

Hosking also read out reader feedback which supported their show and the daily banter.

Oliver-Kerby said yesterday: "Quite frankly I'm flattered our regular 6.20 chat has garnered such attention. We've certainly ruffled a few feathers today."