Bernadine Oliver-Kerby has laughed off suggestions that she stormed out of the studio with Mike Hosking this morning, saying it was simply good natured banter between workmates.

Oliver-Kerby left the studio this morning after Hosking joked she wasn't needed.

"We don't need a woman, this is man's time... we're going to talk about the league," he said on-air.

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Oliver-Kerby walked out, only returning after she was coaxed back in by her co-hosts exclaiming "we need you".

But while some people have taken to social media to express outrage on the newsreader's behalf, Oliver-Kerby says there's nothing to be offended about.

"Quite frankly I'm flattered our regular 6.20 chat has garnered such attention. We've certainly ruffled a few feathers today," she said.

"As our regular listeners know, the segment is often about point scoring. Those boys know I could have any one of them in headlock or a fireman's lift in a heartbeat. I find it hilarious."

Meanwhile, Hosking is wheeling out his favourite line: "I am seeking legal advice on the matter."