1. More of a code name: "The Seagull" - as in flies in, makes a lot of noise, eats the food, craps on everything, flies away.

2. There's a cop in the Waikato who everyone knows as "Herb". His surname is Gardner.

3. My old friend "Biscuit". His birth name was Duncan.

4. Player in my husband's football team is nicknamed "Jigsaw", because "he always falls apart in the box". [the goal area]


5. One bloke I heard about had an accident and lost some fingers. His nick name? "Clock". (One hand smaller than the other.)

6. We have a guy in Waiuku known as "Pothole". Don't know if it's because people are trying to dodge him or whether he's always in the road.

7. In the 1980s I worked at a factory in Britain. A young lad in the warehouse was called "Bungalow" ... because there was nothing up top.

8. A loose forward in a touring Lions rugby team was Peter Winterbottom. Teammates knew him as "Cold arse".

9. My last name is Pleasants. At school my fellow 13-year-olds called me "Nasty". A genius play on my surname.

10. There a guy known as "1080". Everybody hates him but he gets the job done.