A touch of The Real Housewives of Auckland glamour reality show came to Greymouth at the weekend in the name of Father's Day.

Real Housewives personality Angela Stone was in town to visit her father, Grey District Council animal control officer Murray Malloch.

The Real Housewives of Auckland follows the fortunes of six women who the show's publicity describes as "people who are the life of the party".

The New Zealand show is a spin-off of The Real Housewives of Melbourne.

Stone, who was brought up in Christchurch and still lives there, commuting to Auckland to film the TV show, said she enjoyed getting over to the West Coast to visit her dad when she could.

"It's just difficult to get here because of my busy schedule. But it's always very relaxing. The people here are the salt of the earth."

Describing her father as her "hero", Stone said she wished she could spend more time with him.

"We do stay in touch and Dad has been to see me a few times. But I'm very busy and always away somewhere.

"Every time he rings the first thing Dad says is 'where are you?' The lovely thing is, it doesn't matter how much time goes by we can pick up where we left off."

Being on the show was an "amazing opportunity" that she could not pass up, Stone said.


"But as much as it's called reality TV that means it isn't actually real. I mean, we're making a TV show. We don't want it to be boring."

All the women on the programme had good hearts, she said. "It's just the conversations are amplified for TV."

Spending so much time in Auckland recently, she has noticed a big difference between people in the North and South Islands.

"Here in the South Island people are a bit more humble. I find they are a lot more gracious.

"Women in the North Island are more cut-throat, more competitive. But your bank balance doesn't define who you are. It's how you make people feel that's important."

- Greymouth Star