Demi Lovato went undercover as a Lyft (similar to Uber) driver to prank some unsuspecting fans with hilarious and awkward results.

Promoting her concert with Nick Jonas in Denver, Lovato teamed up with the transport app, picked up passengers and proceeded to goad them into talking about her or her music, at times putting herself down to see how they reacted.

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While most were huge fans of the singer and her tour partner Nick Jonas, one passenger was quick to enthusiastically agree that Lovato's friend Selena Gomez was a much better singer.


She convinced one fan to sing some Camp Rock classics with her, and spoke about how she was on tour with her ex-boyfriend's brother (Lovato used to date Nick Jonas' brother Joe) and how they were doing whatever they could to get their names out there.

Once the pop star revealed her true identity, the fans were overwhelmed - even the one who liked Selena Gomez better.

Watch the whole thing here: