The Kardashians have been advised to stop deceiving their fans with deceptive advertising on their social media accounts or they could find themselves in trouble with the law.

It turns out the reality stars have been keeping it far from real in over 100 social media posts in which they set out to deceive their fans, a watchdog group claims.

Truth in Advertising issued a letter last week saying Kim, Kourtney and Khloe, as well as family members Kendall and Kylie Jenner, needed to disclose when their Instagram posts were paid ads and product placements or they would be reported to the US Federal Trade Commission.

The non-profit organisation has requested the family add the hashtag #ad to any posts they were profiting from.


The sisters appear to be taking it seriously. Kim Kardashian has since added the hashtag to an Instagram post from June promoting a hair care vitamin, while Khloe has added #sp, meaning sponsored post, to her posts for a slimming tea brand.

Bonnie Patten, a spokesperson for Truth in Advertising commented to FOX News saying, "[TIA] is happy to see they are taking steps in the right direction but this issue does not go away until all ads disguised as regular social media posts are clearly labelled as ads."

"For far too long, the Kardashian/Jenner family and many companies endorsing them have been violating the law and it's time they are held accountable."

The group had investigated the sisters posts and discovered undisclosed endorsements from everything from sneakers to vitamins.

In America the FTC makes it illegal for both celebrities and journalists to not disclose any financial compensation for product promotions.