A celebrity pest controller got much more than he bargained for after he was strangled by a giant python in Queensland while filming a reality TV program.

Craig Freeman came face to face with the python in a shed on Airlie Beach, while recording the new show Deadliest Pests Down Under, to be aired in Britain next month, Nine News reports.

The footage shows local expert Kylie instructing Freeman on how best to handle the reptile as he grabs the snake under its head, the Daily Mail reports.

"Don't let his head go, whatever you do," she says as Freeman tries to get to grips with the now violently twisting snake.


Freeman starts to play up to the camera for effect, but in doing so it alarms the python so much that it starts to constrict even more.

The situation goes from bad to worse when the struggling reptile begins coiling its body around Freeman's neck and before long he is gasping for breath and clearly is in distress.

As the python's grip tightens Freeman's face goes progressively redder until he turns a purple colour as the python increases its deadly grip around his neck.

Luckily for Freeman, Kylie steps in immediately and helps to unwrap the reptile from her terrified snake student's neck before it all ends in tears.

A scared Freeman, who had been squealing in terror up until then, can only stagger back as far away from the reptile as possible.

"I can't believe that I've just been throttled by a snake," a visibly shaken Freeman said.

"You made that look so much harder than it should have been," Kylie replied. "My five-year-old usually helps me with these."