What's the strangest thing you've ever seen?

"Back in 1996 I was getting an outdoor barbecue lunch at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot in San Diego," writes Michael Lazell on quora.com. "A guy had set down his plate with an open burger and when he turned around to get some ketchup from another table, a seagull swooped in and swallowed the meat of his burger whole. You could see the shape of the meat going down its throat. Then the bird flew away. Everybody saw it but him and we all sat there staring in stunned silence. The whole thing only lasted about three seconds. He shouted 'Not funny! Who took my burger?' Somebody told him a seagull took it and he obviously didn't believe it. 'Oh, yeah, right,' he said. We all started laughing."

'Money box' kept the gas flowing

"I began my life being brought up by my grandmother in Northern England," writes Ronnie Hedges. "Very rarely did I receive any money, but the occasional penny came my way and my grandmother always told me to put it in my money box and lock it. It took some years later for me to realise that the 'money box' was in fact the gas meter and the lock was the handle to turn allowing the penny to drop in and register."

When one regrets following school rules

"I too remember a mean DP at Otahuhu College in the 50s," writes Peter of Mangere. "In particular an incident around 1953 where a large group of boys had just got off the train at Otahuhu Station and were heading to school in an orderly fashion, two by two, as were the rules. Supervised by the train prefects the column of boys was interrupted by some traffic in Kaka St. This led to a gap in the column and it was impossible to catch up as we were not allowed to run. When we reached the western school gate there was the DP who accused us all of dawdling and ordered us all to the basement where we were all strapped - probably about 30 of us. They did not use the cane in those days." .

"While tramping in the upper Moehaus on the Coromandel, we came across this tree which resembles an Irish wolfhound," writes Kevin O'Sullivan.



A brilliant lip Sync of Screamin' Jay Hawkins "I Put a Spell on You"...

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