He couldn't quite find love at the end of the day, but would former Bachelor Jordan Mauger have better luck finding a 'lifelong lad'?

That's the question posed by Auckland Law Revue, who this year targeted the reality star and lad culture in general as part of their growing collection of viral parodies.

Described by the host as 'the most boring man ever', the seven minute video sees Mauger return to reality television in hopes of finding a friend.

"My search for romance ended in heartbreak, but maybe my search for bromance will end a little different."

In true Bachelor-style, the parody sees the lads in contention fight for 'solo hangs' with Mauger, hoping to make an impression so they receive a can of Double Brown and move on to the next round.

The parody got the seal of approval from this year's runner-up Naz Khanjani, who shared it on her public Facebook page.

A spokesperson for the revue says the inspiration comes from a love of Kiwi lad culture and wanted to juxtapose it with the ridiculous extravagance of The Bachelor.

Other Bachelor references include the men trying to steal Mauger away from each other, and the annual trip sees the lads go off to Hamilton.

The law revue, which is written, directed and performed by University of Auckland students, has had great success over the past few years with its parodies.

In 2013, a feminist take on Robin Thicke's Blurred Lines went viral with over five million views, and sparked controversy when it was taken down. Following years have combined Ponsonby culture with Iggy Azalea's Fancy and riffed on groups like The Fulltimers Club in Rihanna-parody Bitch Better Spend My Money.

Other parodies this year once again took on Rihanna with a lawyer-y take on Work in Clerk¸ alongside a Treaty of Waitangi-inspired take on Justin Bieber's Sorry.

This year's law revue, the 30th anniversary of the show, ran from August 11th to 13th in another sold-out season.