Aaron Paul just interviewed Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown and totally lost his cool - actually, it's possible he didn't even have it to start with.

The Breaking Bad star opened the interview by saying: "First of all, I love you", and it basically went on like that for just under half an hour.

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Speaking to the 12-year-old for Elle magazine, Paul told her what a "massive fan" he is. He said he has "such incredible respect" and admiration for her, and added that her character Eleven was "one of the greatest characters to have ever graced the small screen".


He then went on to tell her all about how he and his wife Lauren were "constantly gushing" about her, adding: "To be honest, we wish that you were our child".

Brown replied: "I wish you were my parents", before going on to talk about her actual family and how they keep her "really chilled out and grounded".

Later, they got onto the subject of Brown's singing, and her YouTube channel which is full of clips of her singing covers of pop songs.

This lead to talking about Brown's co-star Gaten Matarazzo (Dustin) who, it turns out is a broadway singer.

In fact, all the Stranger Things kids are musically talented: Caleb McLaughlin (Lucas) spent two years playing young Simba in The Lion King on Broadway, and Finn Wolfhard (Mike) is a musician with a passion for guitar:

Brown told Paul music was one of the biggest bonds the kids all shared, and that they would go over to each others' houses and practise harmonies.

Paul went on to ask about season two of Stranger Things which Netflix recently confirmed was coming, begging her: "Please tell me everything".

Brown struck up a deal that once she heard something from Netflix or the Duffer brothers (the show's creators), she would private message him on Twitter, and they also made a plan to meet for dinner in LA.

Paul, having literally zero chill, responded: "Do not tease me. Don't toy with my emotions, Millie. I just followed you on Twitter...Please follow me back. Make my life complete".

He then put his wife Lauren on the phone, who was almost as excited as Paul - especially when Brown told her about their dinner plans and said: "you bring the adoption papers. I'll bring my suitcase."