Hilary Barry is supposed to be on holiday, but it seems the former TV3 presenter is getting a bit bored.

Barry, who is believed to be heading to Breakfast on TV One later this year, posted a cheeky video on Facebook telling viewers how to steal a hotel safe.

In it, she's seen lifting an unsecured safe out of her hotel wardrobe, packing it in her suitcase and zipping it shut.

Hilary Barry puts the hotel safe into her suitcase.
Hilary Barry puts the hotel safe into her suitcase.

"The thing I really appreciate when I'm travelling is the in-room safe. It's a fantastic way of storing all your valuables, locking them up for the day, you can go off and know that they're completely secure," she says to the camera.


"But see if you can see the obvious flaw with this one," she says, saying, "See ya," after zipping it up into her suitcase and walking away with it.

Barry has been on holiday since leaving her presenting duties on Paul Henry and Newshub at 6pm in May.

She has posted occasional updates on her whereabouts, including snaps from Ireland and a short video from Pakiri Beach in which she said she was "loving the little things in life right now".

Barry and Jack Tame are set to take over Breakfast next month from Rawdon Christie and Nadine Chalmers-Ross, it was reported over the weekend.

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TVNZ has yet to confirm any changes are taking place - or even that Barry is signed to the network.