Leslie Jones just stumbled across the New Zealand women's sevens team and nearly lost her mind.

The Ghostbusters star made headlines today after live-blogging the Olympics so well she scored herself an invite to Rio.

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But when her viewing led her to watch our Kiwi women play team USA in the women's rugby sevens quarter-final she was impressed to say the least.


The star posted a series of clips literally shouting about how "tough" the women were.

When she first discovered the game she posted a short expletive-filled clip in which she couldn't contain her excitement.

She said: "Is that motherf****** women's rugby that I'm watching right now? Ok, you can't tell me that the motherf****** Olympics ain't the sh**."

She then went on to say, "See, none of these b****** is in no bras...ain't no Victoria's Secret football in this motherf*****", perhaps referring to a Valentine's Day promo earlier this year which saw the Victoria's Secret angels playing football.

She also wrote: "These b****** is for real! I want them to play the Giants".

But what really set Jones off was when the teams locked into a scrum, with the star calling it "a shoving match".

"A shoving match? What kind of game is this? Oh my God, you can just shove on purpose?" she shouted at the screen.

"I literally right now feel like all these girls would've beat me up in high school...'cause I wouldn't have been able to do this," she said.

"Seriously dude, do you know how hard a grass stain is to get out of your knees? No pads, nothing."

The Kiwi women's sevens team won the game with a score of 5-0 and will progress to a semifinal matchup against Great Britain. Read up on our coverage here.