Swimmer goes digital

You might think Canadian Olympic swimmer Santo Condorelli is a bit surly, but his giving the middle finger on the starting blocks to his dad is just a getting-psyched ritual. Santo told CBC that he started the gesture as an 8-year-old, after he was frustrated at getting beaten by older swimmers. Santo said his father told him: "You've got to build your confidence yourself and say eff everybody else that you're racing." But Santo had to tone it down - bringing his middle finger closer to his forehead - as he's landed in hot water for the gesture in the past. (Source: Totalprosports.com)

"My friend Kristie saw this while on the London Underground," writes Nicky Dunn. Photo / Supplied

Strange behaviour at work

1. "One day, I'm sitting at my workstation, and my boss comes in. He remarks, 'Man! It is one windy day out there! Would be great kite-flying weather.' I said, 'that's a pretty good idea. You should get one.' He replies 'OK, I will!' He gets in his car and drives to the store. I'm saying to myself, 'Wow ... I just told my boss to go fly a kite!' Which he did, from the parking lot."

2. "A bird flew into the warehouse I worked at and couldn't find its way out. The guys I work with spent like 20 minutes making chirping bird sounds trying to guide it to the exit. Now imagine three large middle aged men running around talking to a tiny bird with baby voices and imitating its sounds ... It was great." (Via reddit.com)

School daze

"Back at primary/intermediate school in the eastern suburbs in the 1970s we always had a break-up assembly outside at the end of year," writes Brent. "I sneaked into the office and played Alice Cooper's 'School's out forever' over the PA system. I never did get that album back."

Anything is available in Avondale's multicultural village these days! Photo / Supplied
Anything is available in Avondale's multicultural village these days! Photo / Supplied


Canadian photographer Daniel Pelletier used the 83x optical zoom feature on his camera (a Nikon COOLPIX P900) to get up close and personal with the moon...

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