After a two-year hiatus, TV One hosts the surprising return of the popular Australian dramedy, Offspring.

The show was not expected to return following its successful fifth season, after parent channel, Australia's Ten, initiated a series of cost-cutting measures in its production department.

Happily there's always moolah to be found for a hit, and the bean-counters obviously managed to scrounge up some cash to continue the adventures of obstetrician Nina and the rest of the Proudman family.

In a neat twist, the new season accounts for the prolonged absence, picking up with the Proudmans 18 months on from the big events of the last season.


Nina is now dating a midwife named Leo, Billie is touring the UK with husband Mick's band and Jimmy is running a Mexican taqueria, while his wife Zara studies medicine.

It's all happy families, for now, but that won't last long as Offspring's usual array of serious revelations and comic mishaps promise to quickly complicate things for everyone.

Who: Tonight, 8.30pm
Where: TV One
What: Hurricane Nina returns