A live episode of America's Got Talent has gone horribly wrong after one of the contestants was accidentally shot in the throat with a flaming arrow.

Ryan Stock and Amberlynn, who specialise in "super human stunts" left the judges speechless and fans shocked when their stunt took a horrible turn on the latest episode of the show.

During the trick, Stock swallowed a long rod with a target on the end and leaned forward at which point Amberlynn shot a flaming arrow from a crossbow but missed, hitting Stock's neck instead.

Luckily, the arrow glanced off Stock's shirt but the hit to his throat seemed to leave him shaken and struggling to breathe.


He told the judges, "I'm okay, it got my shirt, I'm okay."

But judge Howie Mandel said: "I don't think you are...I think what you do is wonderfully horrific but that's the first time you missed.

"We have to be responsible here, you are hurt...I think what you did is wonderful and I think you deserve votes but the audience just saw what could happen (and) I hate that I saw what could happen."

Shocked fans took to Twitter after the incident, with many saying they were scared by it.