Television show The Simpsons has mocked Donald Trump in a hilarious new clip entitled 3am.

The TV spoof shows Trump in bed in the White House in the middle of the night when a call comes through for the president to attend an emergency in the "situation room".

The clip, which also shows Hillary and Bill Clinton in bed in the White House, portrays Trump as too busy tweeting and then taking too long to get ready to handle the emergency of an advancing Chinese fleet.

The scenes include assistants placing atop his head a small fluffy dog which Trump then adjusts into his trademark hairstyle.


The video begins with the cartoon's main characters Marge and Homer Simpson in bed kissing and then Marge saying she cannot go any further until she decided who to vote for in the presidential election.

Marge clicks on the TV to an ad comparing Trump with his Democratic counterpart, Hillary Clinton.

"It's 3am and the phones are ringing in the White House," says a dramatic voice. "Who do you want to answer that call?

"Hillary Clinton?" - The cartoon shows a hand picking up the receiver a red "emergency" phone. It's Bill Clinton and he says "Hello. The situation room? I'll be right there...oh it's for you."

Bill hands the phone to Hillary who sits up and says in a stern voice, "yes, from now on it's always for me".

As the voiceover says "or Donald Trump?", the scene shifts to a Scrooge-like character in a pink nightcap and shirt in bed with a book entitled Great Speeches by A. Hitler.
The same call comes through from the situation room and Trump says "Not now, I'm on Twitter".

The Trump character clicks "Ignore" on the emergency call and continues writing his tweet about (Massachusetts Democrat) "Elizabeth Warren tweets too damn much. Glad I exiled her."

Trump then speaks with an adviser on the phone telling them to "put my name on the Lincoln memorial, disband NATO and make me some scrambled eggs on a gold plate".

Trump hangs up and the emergency call comes through again. He says "WHAT? Fine, I'll be right there" and grabs an old-fashioned bed pull. Five assistants come running in and powdering his face, injecting it with a filler and then spraying his face with a can of "golden tan".

The clock, which has struck three in the morning now fast forwards to 11.30am.

Tanned fake hands are placed on Trump's tiny white ones. His bed cap is removed and a small golden dog is placed on his head.
Trump's phone rings again and he says, "We're too late? The Chinese fleet is advancing?

"Just build another wall ... yes, in the ocean loser."

He begins texting again and the dog on his head jumps off and runs away. The voiceover concludes: "Paid by Americans who are really starting to miss Obama".