Kiwi comedian Sam Wills has made it through to the America's Got Talent semi-finals, but left some of the judges "disappointed".

After winning over Simon Cowell in his audition, Wills - aka The Boy With Tape on his Face - looked set to shoot to stardom and even managed to get his very own copy cat after his audition video went viral.

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But his routine on last night's episode proved he might be losing his touch, as not all of the judges were on board.


He recreated the famous pottery scene from the Patrick Swayze film Ghost, roping in judge Heidi Klum to take part, as well as performing alongside host Nick Cannon.

But Mel B and Klum were less enthusiastic about the performance than usual, with the former Spice Girl saying: "The first time round I thought you were on the money, but this time...I was left a little bit disappointed".

But luckily, Simon Cowell and Howie Mandel were still team Tape Face, with Mandel praising his ability to "make something out of nothing".

Cowell added: "I think you're like Mr Bean, I think you're so silly that you are going to end up in movies or your own TV show.

He said: "I believe a star is being born out of pure silliness".

Sam Wills made it through in the end, becoming one of seven who will compete in the next round of the show in August.