Movie critics have begun filing their first reviews on the new Bourne film and they're liable to send the super-spy back into hiding.

Simply titled Jason Bourne, this fifth film in the franchise is notable for the return of star Matt Damon as the amnesiac CIA assassin trying to piece his past together.

Damon was notably MIA from the previous entry, The Bourne Legacy, a doomed attempt to launch a spin-off with rising star Jeremy Renner (The Avengers).

But now Bourne's back, baby! So let's dip into the first wave of intel to get a clearer picture of what's going on.


"Mostly, it's about people walking," reports New York's Village Voice.

"Walking down corridors, through hotels, through streets, through backrooms.

"Always briskly, always with apparent purpose, often with phones or earpieces or tracking devices so they can talk to someone else who is also walking and who is usually telling them where yet another person might be walking."

Hmmm ... it doesn't sound very action packed. Is there any excitement?

"Occasionally they break into a run."


Industry bible Variety also bemoaned the proliferation of pacing in the film.

"The potential for high-tech malfeasance ought to hit an all-time high, [but] the film's energy flags. [Director] Paul Greengrass serves up long sequences of characters opening and closing doors, walking down corridors, trading text messages, and so on - all actions of a sort, but not the kind that make for a lively action movie "


The critic for the New York Metro was flatly dismissive, saying: "Jason Bourne is a disappointingly disposable entry."

However The Hollywood Reporter praised the direction of Greengrass saying: "There's no one better when it comes to staging complex, chaotic action amid the real life of big cities."

Ultimately though, they too left disappointed.

"The film ends on a flat, unimpressive note, as well as with the realisation that, no matter how much time we've spent with them, the characters remain utterly one-dimensional."

Perhaps at this point Jason Bourne should quit living in the past and embrace his Bourne identity. Find a nice girl, settle down, maybe raise a couple of kids and leave the super-spying to someone else.

It's a sentiment shared by The Guardian.

"Perhaps it really is time for Jason to hang up his Glock and give someone else a chance."

Jason Bourne opens in cinemas tomorrow.