It's like something from a nightmare.

Standing, full-frontal naked and vulnerable, on national television. In front of you, a potential romantic partner, scrutinising your unclothed frame.

If they don't like what they see, you're sent packing - but not before having to walk across a TV studio, still nude, and give the clothed person who's just rejected you the world's most awkward goodbye hug.

This is Naked Attraction, a new dating show that's just aired its first episode on the UK's Channel 4, and sparked a social media frenzy from viewers who couldn't quite believe what they're seeing.


"Modern dating is a complicated business - but stripped of everything that defines us, what do we really find physically attractive?" the program asks.

First, the answer to the question you're all wondering: yes, this show is packed with full-frontal, uncensored nudity. What's more, as the prospective daters are hidden behind screens which gradually raise from the ground up, revealing their faces last, so there's a strong emphasis on their...ahem, other assets:

Viewers rushed to Twitter to voice their opinions about the bizarre show. Let's just say the phrase "a new low" got quite the workout.

And as the show wears on, host Anna Richardson asks contestants a series of probing, investigative questions to better ascertain just what they're looking for in a potential mate:

Among the contestants on this first episode was Matty, a man with a large elephant tattoo surrounding his genitals (we'll leave you to guess where his trunk was). Matty caused the show's biggest WTF moment when he appeared to get rather...excited in the presence of Mal, a bisexual lingerie designer who eventually chose him as her date.

You don't get that on The Bachelor now, do you?