I'm just going on tour to Finland. I'm very excited about it. I have two shows there and also my doctor, who has always given me Botox, lives in Finland. So I can have a Botox treatment. My last one was in November, so I need it. I never go past the crow's feet. Not around the mouth. Just a little in the forehead and around the eyes. Because you want to have some expressions.

You have to love what you do and not be obsessed with being famous. I used to sing in my bedroom, holding a hairbrush, to River Deep, Mountain High, by Tina Turner. All I could think was how much I would love to be on that stage, like her.

The first time I met Tina Turner was just before her comeback in the late-70s. I was working in Germany, and It's A Heartache was out. She was recently separated from Ike and making it on her own. She was on stage doing rehearsals. She saw me and started singing It's A Heartache. The next time I met her was in the 80s, when we were both on a TV show. We met by accident in the corridor. She had a red leather dress and black fishnets and I had a red leather skirt with fishnets. She just said, "Uh oh ... "

If I were to do a collaboration, my dream would be with Tina Turner and Janis Joplin. I didn't like Janis' drug-taking. Or the way she lived. But she sang every word with such conviction.


I sound like I smoke. I smoked, but years ago and only one a year on special occasions, like at Christmas. My husband [Robert Sullivan] has never even held a cigarette. I do love red wine.

I am absolutely still in love. We've had more than four decades together. My morning ritual is having two cups of tea, brought to me by my husband. Plus a biscuit. I don't like to eat properly till about midday.

I was always a very shy girl but I liked to make people laugh. I'd tell jokes. I was bullied at school. There was one girl, Annette, who was the trickiest in the class. Anyway, I got my own back. I remember when I'd left school I went to the local night club. Annette came in and she was with a boy I liked. And guess who went home with him!

I never liked making music videos. I would hate to be an actress. It was a real chore for me to make [the video for] Total Eclipse of the Heart. I've never stopped working. I love being on the stage, singing.

There's not much in life I regret. Though I've never sung at Wembley Stadium. I'm very happy with my life, though. A lot of people see me and they say, do you know you look like Bonnie Tyler?

Bonnie Tyler performs as part of the Summer Concert Tour 2017. For tickets and information see greenstoneentertainment.co.nz.