She's known as a hard-working contestant on the latest season of The Block.

But Emma Diamond, a competitor on TV3's The Block: Girls vs Boys, says "I tend to have everything wrong with me that you could".

In a new interview with Woman's Day, Diamond says she has suffered period pain from endometriosis since the age of 13.

"I was passing out and spewing up. It was awful and the pain was debilitating. I would pass out in the hallway at home because the pain was so bad," she tells the mag.


The 27-year-old says she's had four operations to remove endometriosis from her ovaries and her bowel, and doctors have told her to have children sooner rather than later.

That's not all: Diamond also says she's had a cyst removed from her throat, and may need follow-up surgery.

"It's not deathly serious, but it can restrict your aiways, so I got it removed. Now I've got a hole in my neck where they removed some bone."

Her illnesses haven't prevented Diamond from competing on The Block with her best friend Courtney Mackay.

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Diamond was recently caught up in a minor Block scandal when she was spotted cuddling up to Sam Cable in bed - but the incident was later revealed to be a prank.