Alan Morrison and Rowan Bettjeman present the most awkward television moments of the week.

Things almost came unstuck on Breakfast this week when a presenter tried to explain what the acronym 'MILF' stands for.

The situation came as Melissa Stokes was attempting to explain 'MILF' - an explicit phrase used to describe good looking mothers - to her Breakfast co-host Rawdon Christie.

Watch the segment in the latest episode of Media Ocre:

The ageing acronym has recently had a resurgence thanks to a raunchy music video by Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie called MILF$.


"Milf stands for 'Mothers I'd like To Follow' ... on Instagram," explained Stokes, tongue-in-cheek, as her co-hosts erupted around her.

This week's episode of Media Ocre also sees the return of Banter Watch, with some awkward encounters between Mark Sainsbury and Ingrid Hipkiss on Paul Henry, and a revealing discussion about money featuring Mike Hosking on One News.