Kristen Stewart wants to be James Bond.

The 26-year-old actress would back her Equals co-star Nicholas Hoult to take over from Daniel Craig as the suave spy, but he thinks she'd be an equally good choice.

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Dismissing critics who say Bond should be a white male, Nicholas said: "We'll walk into the screen test and I'll see you dressed in a tuxedo.


"I'll be like, 'Kristen, what are you doing here?' I'll just turn around and walk straight back out."

Kristen added: "What? Is this weird?"

And the Twilight star even has an idea as to how a female Bond could be introduced.

She told E! News: "You start off as the Bond girl and then you think it's just the girlfriend and then you're like, 'She's actually [Bond]'. In the trailer, it's him and then [a] bait and switch."

Nicholas, 26, was impressed by her plan.

He said: "I'll be like your Q."

Nicholas Hoult believes he is
Nicholas Hoult believes he is "too young" to be James Bond and thinks Kristen Stewart would be an equally good choice. Photo / Getty Images

Meanwhile, despite being repeatedly linked with the iconic role, Nicholas believes he is "too young" for the part and is backing Idris Elba to be Daniel's successor.

He said: "I think I'm a little bit too young to be honest. He's like 30s or 40s.

"[Bond] was a hero growing up, I loved watching the films and I enjoyed Daniel Craig, but I don't think I'm really in the running for it.

"My vote would be for Idris Elba."

It was recently claimed Tom Hiddleston is the new favourite to play Bond and has already started working hard to bulk up for the role.

A source said: "Tom Hiddleston is already bulking up for the Bond role on a special diet. His new physique has been noticed by the bosses who now have him at the top of their list to replace Daniel Craig.

"Tom Hardy is going to be his main contender and not Idris Elba as everyone thinks.

"He was their pick up until recently but Hiddleston has shot ahead and he is working extra hard to get the part."

- Bang! Showbiz