Diesel be smoking them out

Paul of Takapuna writes: "A woman visiting North Shore medical centre Family Doctors found patient consultation was disrupted while staff tracked down a mysterious 'gas leak' that wasn't gas at all.

The smelly fumes turned out to be from a delivery van, whose driver had left his vehicle running near an air conditioning intake. A nurse said she'd experienced similar problems at another practice and waiting patients chipped in their stories of 'being gassed' by tourist buses, delivery vans and neighbours' cars giving off clouds of toxic diesel smoke - from idling motors left running unnecessarily."

Read the small print

California-based lender LoanMe sent a mailer to Reddit user Jonathan Katzmoses with pre- approval for a US$10,600 $14,550) loan. Katzmoses decided to do the numbers before accepting the unsolicited offer. The annual interest rate is 99.75 per cent. The monthly payment would be US$841 and would require 84 payments to pay off the loan. In the end, the loan would cost over US$70,000. A lesson in ALWAYS reading the terms and conditions.

Hauling them up over sagging pants

Timmonsville in South Carolina has had enough of sagging pants, and will fine people for wearing them. The law forbids "display the flesh of one's rear-end, behind, or backside during stationary or movement within the city limits" and "wear[ing] pants, trousers, or shorts such that the known undergarments are intentionally displayed/exposed to the public". After two verbal warnings a citation will be issued along with a US$100-US$600 ($137-$823) fine. (Source: Fox News)


What a bunch of hot air

This from The Sofitel, Wellington's Facebook Page: "Every morning our Concierge polishes the name plate at the entrance of Sofitel Wellington to exemplify the start of the day to give a final touch of refinement to the hotel. We use a special white cloth and polish the plaque in an anti-clockwise direction, reflecting the movement of the earth. The cloth is then folded five times - to represent the five continents - and carefully placed back in the storage box. In days gone by Concierge of medieval Europe were known as the 'gatekeepers' to all the royal palaces of Europe."

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Picture this: Very imressive whale kite...

Video: How people treat a lost six-year-old who looks middle class as opposed to how they treat a child who looks poor...

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