A long-running storyline came to an end on Shortland Street last night - and viewers are outraged about how it played out.

* Warning: Spoilers follow.

Viewers took to the show's Facebook page last night to complain about the death of Dr Victoria Anderton, Shortland Street's current villain.

Her storyline has been building up for months after she attempted to kill her ex-boyfriend Drew and frame Curtis, the son of her new partner.

Victoria Anderton has died after months of wreaking havoc on Shortland Street.
Victoria Anderton has died after months of wreaking havoc on Shortland Street.

But the scheming, manipulative character, played by Laura Thompson, died in last night's episode after crashing her car shortly after confessing to the crime.

But fans were quick to call her death "pathetic" and "stupid" and flooded the show's Facebook page with complaints about how the storyline was resolved.

One went so far as to call it "the worst episode of Shortland Street ever".

Others said they were no longer going to watch the show after being a major fan for years.

"So basically we waited for seven months for just a stupid ending ... I know its just a show but still don't kill her off!" said one.

"You make us wait for months waiting for her to get caught out and this is how you end it ... by killing her off? I am so annoyed," said another.

"What a complete waste of time. I'm probably done with it now. Build up all those months for what? That. It can only get worse. Watch your viewing numbers go down!"

Others said Anderton should have been left alive so she could pay for her crimes.

"Why the hell did they kill of Victoria? She should have been taken to trial and made to hear the victim impact statements. Shorty, I'm so annoyed with you."

Another said: "Why make us sit there and wait for six-seven months to see her explode and confess ... then let her just crash into a tree and die??!!! REALLY????"

Others blamed "lazy" writers on the show.

"My English teacher once told me that ending any story with the death of the main character is lazy and a cop out. I would have to agree!"