Sarcastic office humour

1. In the work lunch room:

Co-worker: "What's for lunch?"

Me: [eating] "Food, generally".

Co-worker: "No. I mean what are you having?"


Me: "An unwanted conversation".

2. Adorable idea. Colleagues have been writing names on their food in the office fridge. I am currently eating a yoghurt called Debbie.

3. Stages of working from home:

Yay, I get to work from home!

It would be nice to talk to people.

I hope that pigeon sits in the window today.

4. Trying to use the office microwave anytime around noon is like The Hunger Games.

5. I'm still pissed off that birds get to spend their days flying about and cats get to sleep for 16 hours a day and I'm stuck dealing with capitalism and expectations.

Veging their bets

Aside from a role in the Toy Story trilogy, Mr Potato Head has kept a low profile and not exploited his commercial potential since 1952, when he was dug up by Hasbro. Now the UK-based grocery store Asda's marketing department has issued a wonky version of the classic toy. The reason? To promote the idea that misshapen vegetables often get passed up for more aesthetically pleasing selections. (Via Mental Floss)

If Mainlanders get voting this is what it might be called

"I believe there are still rumblings about the South Island wanting to cut the cable and leave the North Island," says Ian. "Would that be a 'sexit'?"

Cool: This 30cm remote control surfer is powered by an electric motor and a small propeller hidden beneath the boarding can hit speeds upwards of 16 kms per hour...

Good read: Huffington Post have compiled some of the startling post EU referendum racism online ...

Video: Tory of the Year -- a Fry & Laurie classic...

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